The Freezone is home to a number of tenants from vastly different sectors. Please view the list below and feel free to contact any of the tenants for further information on the goods and services that they offer.

Integrated Technologies Security Systems
Security surveillance, monitoring station, security response, storage and distribution of security equipment, CCTV, cameras, DVR’s, alarms, intruder detector systems, fire alarms and other accessories for electronic security systems.
Tel: 1 758 454 3690
Email: peterpinel@gssl.info

Duty Free Shoppers Inc.
Liquor, Wines, Cigarettes, Perfumes, Fragrances, Souvenir items
Tel: 1 758 454 8555
Email: schawla@dutyfreeshoppers.net

Superior Shipping Services Ltd.
Importation and exportation of cargo in transit not bound for St. Lucia but for other countries. This cargo will include ships spares for oil tankers and other sea and air going vessels/aircraft and any other cargo by any other means of transport into St. Lucia for transhipment to its final point of destination.
Website: http://www.superiorshipping.com
Tel: 1 758 458 1590
Email: glenn@superiorshipping.com

Shiva Impex Ltd.
General Merchandise (Souvenirs, Electronic items, Clothing, Household & dry goods)
Tel: 1 758 452 6320
Email: shivaimpex@gmail.com

Tradexl Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and general merchandise
Tel: 1 758 452 3041
Email: tradexlsales@gmail.com

Health 2000 Plus Free Zone Inc.
Generic pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and other health related products
Tel: 1 758 454 8543
Email: marciadupre@live.com

RG Investments Inc.
General merchandise, Commercial vehicles, spare parts, essential bldg. supplies, Electrical & electronic products, household items & dry goods
Tel: 1 758 450 1087
Email: cieltd@candw.lc

Performance Paints Group Ltd
Premium high performance paints, coatings and related products
Email: performancepaints2015@gmail.com

Every Day Supplies Ltd.
General department store items.
Tel: 1 758 451 6321
Email: ljnbaptiste@eaglefreightstlucia.com

Sunny Pharma Ltd.
Tel: 1 758 452 6320
Email: shivaimpex@gmail.com

C & L Distribution
Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, lab supplies, dental and general supplies.
Tel: 1 758 454 6565

Tradevin Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, herbals, cosmetics, healthcare products and general merchandise.
Tel: 1 758 454 9445
Email: vipilbalwani@gmail.com

Jules Pharma Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical equipment and household goods.
Tel: 1 758 454 7933 / 1 758 725 6780
Email: julespharma@yahoo.com

Caribbean Grains Ltd.
Grains processing.
Tel: 1 758 454 3024
Email: management@caribbeangrains.com

Unique Animal Care Ltd.
Veterinary pharmaceuticals.
Email: boyle_collin@hotmail.com

Current Tenants